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Each of us experiences emotional difficulties or life challenges from time to time, however, some of us become overwhelmed by these and find that our functioning or performance deteriorates. This decline may involve a gradual process or be the result of a stressful or traumatic life event; and may manifest in our relationships, in our self-esteem, and in our personal efficacy or productivity. Frequently, when we find ourselves in a “bad” space, we are unable to see how we got there or how we can resolve it. 

Through the establishment of a safe, supportive environment which allows for collaboration and open communication in an objective, non-judgemental and neutral way, therapy provides the opportunity to explore these issues, to develop perspective and insight, and ultimately to achieve  resolution and/or relief.


I have found that relationships provide the opportunity for personal growth through the development of self-knowledge, awareness and insight into the origins of dysfunctional patterns that manifest time and again.  This may include aspects such as low self-esteem, fears of abandonment or rejection, and poor communication skills, all of which find expression in abusive or dependent relationships; or alternatively, difficulties in entering into or maintaining rewarding relationships.

In therapy, the space is created that allows for open dialogue that carries no blame or accusation, with the aim of: identifying problematic communication patterns or styles; common themes underlying conflict; rebuilding trust; enhancing mutual respect and appreciation; and ultimately, achieving depth, intimacy and joy in the relationship.


Grieving is a natural response to loss - whether this is the loss of a loved one (either through death or with the ending of a relationship), or the loss of a way of life due to retirement or changing circumstances - and each of us experiences this loss differently. It is important to express this loss rather than trying to bottle it up, and to find ways of redefining ourselves within a new landscape. 

Traumatic events can often be described as situations in which a person is exposed, either directly or indirectly (through witnessing), to the threat of serious harm, injury or death resulting in feelings of intense fear or helplessness. These events can be a once off or short-lived occurrence, such as an accident or an assault, or more long-term such as on-going abuse or violence. Whilst each of us may experience and manage such an event differently; there are a number of factors that influence how we respond. For example, one person may recover and return to their normal routine quickly whereas someone else may experience more prolonged emotional or behavioural difficulties. When this happens, it is important to get help.

Therapy provides the means whereby you or family can receive help in adjusting to the loss or trauma, to explore and develop tools and techniques for coping with the demands of daily life, and to re-ignite purpose and meaning.


This adaptation of the old adage “Life is a journey, not a destination…strive to find meaning, purpose and joy in every moment you have” perhaps best introduces the value and scope of life coaching and positive psychology. Positive psychology is a relatively new field, which focuses on achieving happiness, and finding ways to assist ordinary people to become happier and more fulfilled. In my practice, I believe the combination of these two approaches provides a powerful recipe for achieving change, personal growth and life enhancement.

If you are feeling stuck in a situation, whether in the context of a relationship or work; if you feel you lack direction, meaning or purpose; if you find yourself repeating destructive patterns in your life; if you feel you need to have a goal but can't seem to identify one, let alone structure a plan to go about achieving it – then this may be something for you.

Life coaching describes the alliance between the coach and yourself, wherein the space created provides the opportunity to explore, investigate, discuss, and express any issues or difficulties you may be having as well as identify opportunities and resources you may not be aware of. Together, we review your life, your current 

situation, and your future goals, unlocking the knowledge within yourself, finding ways to apply this, and activating your potential.

Some areas where life coaching can be applied include:

•Family and parenting 

•Relationships and intimacy

•Personal growth and spiritual expression

•Stress management and life balance

•Career planning and development

•Health and lifestyle

•Time management and motivation

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