I charge within medical aid rates, with sessions lasting approximately 55 minutes. Should your sessions exceed this duration, this fee could change as per current medical aid guidelines which I will discuss with you at the time.


I will charge the same hourly rate on a prorate basis for other professional services you may require. Other services may include preparation of and writing reports, telephone conversations exceeding 10 minutes, attendance at meetings as well as consultations with other professionals upon your request, and preparation of treatment summaries and records.


Payment must be made at the time services are rendered, unless we have made alternative arrangements in advance. I accept cash payments, bank card payments as well payments made via EFT.


If you are planning to claim for your psychotherapy sessions with your medical aid, it is useful to check the details of your coverage terms with your provider. Many, if not most, medical aid schemes limit reimbursable psychological services to short-term treatment approaches, which emphasise treatment of a specific problem interfering with your social and occupational functioning. Some difficulties can require additional sessions however, for which you may need to get specific approval from your medical aid for extended benefit cover and reimbursement. Unfortunately, if they are not approved, you will need to ensure sufficient resources to pay for these. In the instance that your medical aid coverage runs out before the treatment is complete, we can discuss ways of trying to complete our work together regardless. However, if you cannot afford my fees, and I cannot find any reduced slots available, I will look to source you another therapist, who can continue the course of treatment from where we stopped.

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